2019 is Off to a Great Start

Our  team is more than honoured to have won the “Best of Category” Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award for our own Truuve Agency logo. We’re excited to have won our first accolade and can’t wait to keep the momentum going into 2019!

What is the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award?

The Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award recognizes and rewards companies for innovative and leading-edge creative work that uses strategy and results-based effectiveness to create solutions in today’s marketplace. The 2018 competition received more than 1400 entries of which only 9% were recognized as a winner.

Truuve Best Logo Design Award wide

How it Came Together

Much like any logo design, there were a lot of long nights and a handful of meetings to stay on track when building this brand. Believe it or not, the Truuve logo was made by accident! I was making some revisions with the word mark and in the fog of a late night, had the type tool cover up the bottom of the U’s to create the holes at the bottom and thought, “I think I’m onto something here!” After many adjustments with different font weights and tweaks, we have what is now the Truuve logo. We wanted to create a logo that was unique and stood out with a symbol people would recognize it when they see it. Armed with yellow as our main colour, it easily has a presence in any environment. The U represents many car features from the push engine start symbol, paddle shifters, front and back tail lights, pedals, and signal lights which all serve a purpose to help guide the driver forward.

What Does Truuve Mean?

The name Truuve is based on the French word “Trouvé” meaning “to find.” We help auto dealers find a way forward in an evolving industry. Truuve is also named after Gustave Trouvé, inventor of the world’s first electric vehicle. Gustave was huge innovator for his time and that’s how we see ourselves in the industry today. We excel at providing auto dealership focused, full-service marketing for sales lead generation. Our vision is to be the premier automotive marketing agency in North America. The automotive market is expected to see a significant disruption in the next 20 years; significant opportunity is available for marketing leadership for automotive clients to succeed during a time of change. By focusing on delivering highly efficient, creative and results-driven campaigns, Truuve provides the automotive industry an agency of choice that delivers the promise of expert performance-oriented marketing services matched with strategic and creative services.